Epic Barcelona Tapas Crawl – 8 Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona

I know, I know. This blog is called Madrid Chow. And this is a video about Barcelona. But what can I say? I live and chow in Madrid, but sometimes chow elsewhere in Spain? I was in Barcelona for three months over the summer organising things for Devour Tours, and just before I left I realised I needed to make a video to share with travellers heading there my favourite Barcelona tapas bars. Barcelona is a complicated city to be a tourist in. There are tourist traps aplenty. But there are also gems. Plenty of them. So along with my Devour colleagues Lauren (fellow co-founder) and Katie (marketing director) we set off to see how many great tapas bars we could knock off in one night. We managed 8. Actually, we managed 7, but then I was able to travel in time to visit the 8th. I know that sounds nuts. And it sort of is. But it’s true. I guess you’ll just have to watch the video to understand. Enjoy!

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