best menús del día in Madrid (i.e. fixed-price lunches)

The menú del día is one of the great culinary joys of Spain. They’re the filling, often delicious, multi-course midday meals provided by bars and restaurants for a very reasonable fixed price, booze included.

And if you consider price, quantity and quality, I’d say they represent the best lunches in Madrid.

But the little wrinkle with menús del día in Madrid is thus: you can pay €10 for a really average 3-course lunch, or €15 for a great one. If you know where to go, the different in cost can be minimal, but in quality dramatic.

Hence this list of the best menús del día in Madrid. Certainly not complete… but I only have one mouth and one wallet and so I’m slowly eating my way through city. Bear with me.

Why these places? Because they do reasonably-priced menús del día with a little more thought, skill and nous than you’re average tavern. Some will include three courses, some two, some a bottle of wine, some (in fact, most) just a glass. You may not have the meal of your life (then again, you may), but it’ll be better than a kick in the head (or a sticky bowl of microwaved paella).

Remember menús del día are only available on weekdays and only for lunch (where a restaurant provides them on the weekend or for dinner, I’ve noted it).

¡Que aproveche!

Restaurante Gabriel
Near Plaza de España: Google Map

La Otra Casa
Lavapiés: Google Map
Available evenings and weekends too (but check their Facebook page – linked above – for their quirky hours)

Los Chuchis
Lavapiés: Google Map

Mercado de la Reina
Gran Vía: Google Map

El Apartamento
Near Puerta del Sol: Google Map

Near Puerta del Sol: Google Map
3 courses (or swap coffee for dessert), 1 drink = €12.50

Mr Frank
Near Puerta del Sol: Google Map

Chueca: Google Map
They also offer a fixed-price dinner menu.

Restaurante García
Malasaña: Google Map

Huertas: Google Map
Lunch available weekdays except for Tuesdays (when the restaurant closes)

Or, if you don’t want a full sit-down lunch… why not just head for tapas (see below!)

James Blick

10 thoughts on “best menús del día in Madrid (i.e. fixed-price lunches)

  1. We had the Menu del Dia at Mercardo del Reina today. The food and value were outstanding. The service, if you are not Spanish speaking, left a great deal to be desired. The Spanish menu has the Menu del Dia listing. The English one has a listing for mojitos. We ordered 2 menu del dias. We ordered wine and water. The water was i counted as out beverage and we were charged for the more expensive wine. Other places bill the less expensive water a la carte . I ordered two desserts and got one. I had to order the second, included dessert, 3 times before it was delivered to our table. We were in the only table in the restaurant to not get the plate of bread. I assumed it was because they gave us the water gratis, but they didn’t we were charged 6 euros for our 2 glasses of wine.

  2. Thank you. If I spoke Spanish I would have. My French and German aren’t too bad but I didn’t think they would have helped Perhaps I’ll wait until we get back home and send an e mail with a Spanish translation. I appreciate your response.

  3. we are visiting madrid from California and took your recommendation to try “La Otra Casa”. what a wonderful meal! your website is a great resource.

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